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Investigation title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Report release
Collision between passenger train C012 and a car on track near Kembla Grange level crossing New South Wales, on 20 October 2021 RO-2021-012 Pending
Collision with infrastructure involving freight train 8796 Rockhampton, Queensland, on 17 September 2021 RO-2021-010 Final
Review of level crossing collisions involving trains and heavy road vehicles in Australia RS-2021-001 Pending
Speed restriction not applied, allowing train ST24 to overspeed, Harefield NSW, 29 June 2021 RO-2021-008 Final
Safeworking Breach of Road-Rail Vehicles Crystal Brook, South Australia, 10 June 2021. RO-2021-006 Final
Collision between a light engine and a coal train at Westwood, Queensland, on 18 June 2021 RO-2021-007 Preliminary
Derailment of freight train 4BM4, Nana Glen, New South Wales, on 25 February 2021 RO-2021-004 Final
Level crossing collision between freight train 2C74 and road-train truck Yarri Road, Parkeston, Western Australia, on 22 February 2021 RO-2021-003 Final
Level crossing collision between passenger train and road vehicle, Wynnum West, Queensland on 26 February 2021 RO-2021-005 Pending
Safeworking irregularity and near miss with crew of train 5936 at Hawkesbury River, New South Wales on 8 January 2021 RO-2021-002 Final
Rolling stock irregularity on train 3YN2 near Kiacatoo, New South Wales, on 6 January 2021 RO-2021-001 Final
Derailment of freight train 9281 near Charters Towers, Queensland, on 30 December 2020 RO-2020-023 Final
Level crossing irregularity involving freight train 1MP9 at Torrens Road, Ovingham, South Australia, on 7 December 2020 RO-2020-021 Pending
Level crossing irregularity involving freight train 3PM7 at Cherry Street, Werribee, Victoria on 4 December 2020 RO-2020-020 Pending
Derailment involving loaded grain train 3966 near Dombarton, New South Wales on 15 December 2020 RO-2020-022 Pending
Signal SST535 passed at danger involving passenger train 8239 and near collision with another passenger train Docklands, Melbourne, on 23 November 2020 RO-2020-019 Final
Derailment of SCT Logistics freight train 2PM9 near Koolyanobbing, Western Australia on 27 October 2020 RO-2020-018 Final
Train parting and subsequent lost wagons occupying an unprotected track section, involving freight train 3PG1, about 90 km west of Ivanhoe, NSW, on 2 October 2020 RO-2020-016 Discontinued
Defective axle bearing leading to fire on passenger train SN68 Yerrinbool, New South Wales, on 13 October 2020 RO-2020-017 Final
Derailment of freight train 1221, near Lake Bathurst, New South Wales, on 24 August 2020 RO-2020-015 Discontinued