The ATSB is committed to promoting and maintaining a culture that provides a safe environment for children. The ATSB is committed to child safety and complies with the whole-of-government Commonwealth Child Safe Framework (the Framework). As part of our commitment, the ATSB:

  • has an internal Child Safety Policy which is supported by the senior leadership team. The Child Safety Policy details the responsibilities and obligations of ATSB staff to ensure child safe practices are in place across offices when interacting with children;
  • undertakes an annual risk assessment to evaluate the risk of harm to children, and implements strategies to manage those risks;
  • reports annually to the Senior Leadership Team on the risk assessment and any interactions with children in the course of the ATSB’s work;
  • has child safe training embedded in induction and guidance for investigators when interviewing children;
  • has Child Safety training available, the National Office for Child Safety has shared its training through LearnHub.

ATSB’s interaction with children

The ATSB has very limited interaction and involvement with children and young people but may do so in circumstances such as interviewing a child in relation to an aviation, marine or rail investigation, work experience, internships or interaction with Cadets.

Annual risk assessment

Since 2020 the ATSB has undertaken annual risk assessments to ensure child safety practices are embedded into the agency. The ATSB’s overall risk rating remains low. The ATSB continues to work to reduce the risk and implement child safety measures in line with the Framework.