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Occurence ID Title Occurrence date Report release date
MB-2023-001 Ship’s pilot ladder failure resulting in person overboard, Christmas Island, ATW (Australian Territory Waters), on 24 May 2023
MB-2021-002 Landing craft contact with shoreline Smiths Creek, Cairns, Queensland, on 3 August 2021
MB-2021-001 Fire, Multi-purpose vessel Southern Ocean, on 29 January 2021
MB-2019-002 Contact by an anchor handler with an offshore rig, Bass Strait, Victoria, on 15 October 2019
MB-2019-001 Collision between two ships, Port Hedland anchorage, Western Australia, on 16 December 2018
MB-2018-001 Anchor loss involving general cargo ship, Port of Bunbury, Western Australia, on 25 May 2018
MB-2018-002 Contact by a general cargo ship with a berthed ship, Newcastle, New South Wales, on 14 June 2018