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Investigation title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Report release
Level crossing collision between freight train and truck, at Gooray Road level crossing at Gooray, Queensland, 23 May 2024 RO-2024-004 Pending
Overspeed of Train 805K near Blacktown, New South Wales, on 21 April 2024 RO-2024-003 Pending
Low-speed collision between trains 5519A and 5519B at Finucane Island Balloon Loop (Port Hedland), Western Australia, on 2 March 2024 RO-2024-002 Pending
Safe working incident involving MTM trains TD3148 and TD7255 at Ferntree Gully, Victoria, on 25 February 2024 RO-2024-001 Preliminary
Level crossing collision between freight train 7SP5 and a truck at the Barrier Highway level crossing, near Cutana, South Australia, 31 December 2023 RO-2023-009 Preliminary
Tram to tram collision at East Melbourne, Victoria, on 20 September 2023 RO-2023-008 Preliminary
Collision between freight train Y375 and an excavator near Fairfield Station, Queensland, on 15 July 2023 RO-2023-007
Level crossing collision between freight train and truck near Katherine, Northern Territory on 14 June 2023 RO-2023-006 Pending
Safeworking breach involving train 3SP7, near Ooldea, South Australia, on 1 June 2023 RO-2023-005 Pending
Signal CS025 passed at danger involving train number TE43 between Fortitude Valley and Bowen Hills, Queensland on 24 May 2023 RO-2023-004 Pending
Level crossing collision between truck and train at South Geelong on 3 April 2023 RO-2023-003 Preliminary
Collision and derailment between trains 1150 and T296, Port Botany, New South Wales, on 13 January 2023 RO-2023-002 Pending
Derailment of freight train 82P7 and subsequent collision with coal train 9F02, near Marmor, Queensland, on 29 January 2023 RO-2023-001 Preliminary
Derailment of freight train 4PM9 Inverleigh, Victoria, on 14 November 2022 RO-2022-013 Preliminary
Fatality on locomotive of train 4MB9 near Cullerin, New South Wales, on 25 August 2022 RO-2022-011 Interim
Collision between Aurizon train 9M48 and Qube train 9277 at Oonoomurra, Queensland, on 17 August 2022 RO-2022-010 Pending
Level crossing collision and derailment involving grain train 68A3, near Goondiwindi, Queensland, on 9 August 2022 RO-2022-009 Discontinued
Fatality involving a track-mounted excavator, Evandale, Tasmania, on 20 July 2022 RO-2022-008 Pending
Collision between passenger train and truck at Goornong, Victoria, on 13 July 2022 RO-2022-007 Preliminary
Derailment of freight train 2BS4 near Kyogle, NSW on 31 May 2022 RO-2022-006 Pending