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Investigation title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Report release
Level crossing collision between truck and passenger train 8753, Phalps Road, Larpent, Victoria, on 13 July 2016 RO-2016-009 Final
Track worker fatally injured when struck by train W510, Clyde, New South Wales, on 18 June 2016 RO-2016-008 Final
Derailment of freight train at Katunga, Victoria, on 30 May 2016 RO-2016-007 Final
Runaway and collision between 'J' class and 'Nagasaki’ class trams, Sydney Tramway Museum, Loftus, New South Wales, on 15 May 2016 RO-2016-006 Final
Derailment of train 3MP5 at Rawlinna, Western Australia, on 21 April 2016 RO-2016-005 Final
Grain train 5422N parting and derailment, Parkville, New South Wales, on 6 April 2016 RO-2016-004 Final
Fire in Locomotive NR8 near Cardiff, New South Wales, on 4 April 2016 RO-2016-003 Final
Derailment of MTM train TD1064 near Rushall Station in Fitzroy North, Melbourne, Victoria, on 6 February 2016 RO-2016-002 Final
Derailment of freight train WG713 at Denman, New South Wales, on 19 January 2016 RO-2016-001 Final
Derailment of freight train near Julia Creek, Queensland, on 27 December 2015 RO-2015-028 Final
Derailment of grain train 9156 at Ouyen, Victoria, on 29 December 2015 RO-2015-029 Final
Derailment of Rio Tinto train ND575 near Tom Price, Western Australia, on 15 December 2015 RO-2015-025 Final
Safe Working irregularity involving Controlled Signal Blocking between Allandale and Farley, Hunter Valley, New South Wales, on 30 October 2015 RO-2015-021 Final
Signal passed at danger and derailment of empty Tangara service 109D at Hornsby, New South Wales, on 17 December 2015 RO-2015-026 Final
Derailment of loaded ore train M03544 near Walla, Western Australia, on 3 December 2015 RO-2015-023 Final
Derailment of intermodal freight train 5PM9 near Rawlinna, Western Australia, on 4 December 2015 RO-2015-024 Final
Derailment of freight train 9150 at Nunga (near Ouyen), Victoria, on 9 November 2015 RO-2015-022 Final
Derailment of freight train 6DA2 near Marla, South Australia, on 31 October 2015 RO-2015-020 Final
Track worker struck by train near Laverton station, Victoria, on 2 October 2015 RO-2015-019 Final
Safe working irregularity near Jumperkine, Western Australia, on 29 September 2015 RO-2015-018 Final