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The Public Interest Disclosure (PID) scheme builds on existing policies and procedures to protect APS employees who speak up and ‘blow the whistle’ on suspected wrongdoing in the APS.

The new Commonwealth legislation replaces all previous whistleblower legislation and provides a transparent process for agencies and government departments to investigate complaints.

The Public Disclosure Act 2013 (PID Act) underpins the operation of the scheme. The PID Act aims to promote the integrity and accountability of the Commonwealth public sector by:

  • encouraging and facilitating the making of disclosures of wrongdoing by public officials
  • ensuring that public officials who make protected disclosures are supported and protected from adverse consequences relating to the making of a disclosure
  • ensuring that disclosures are properly investigated and dealt with.

The PID Act does not replace existing processes for dealing with workplace grievances and misconduct, such as bullying and harassment, it supplements them.

The ATSB encourages current or former public officials to come forward if they are aware of wrongdoing within the organisation. People who come forward and report wrongdoing are helping to maintain and promote integrity, accountability and good management within the ATSB.

The ATSB is committed to effectively dealing with and investigating any disclosure of wrongdoing and taking appropriate action if an investigation finds some form of wrongdoing.

The ATSB’s procedures, Making a disclosure under the Public Interest Disclosure Act, describe the steps a discloser needs to take to make a report. They also set out the actions the ATSB will take when receiving, dealing with, and investigating public interest disclosures involving the ATSB.

A public interest disclosure can be made to the ATSB in person, by telephone or in writing, including by email.

Written reports using the Report a public interest disclosure form are encouraged as this can help to avoid any confusion or misinterpretation. The completed form can be delivered personally, mailed or emailed to the ATSB.

A public interest disclosure can be reported to any of the following authorised officers in the ATSB:

For more information about the making a public interest disclosure involving the ATSB, please contact the Manager of Legal Services on 1800 020 616.

More details about the Commonwealth Public Interest Disclosure scheme is available on the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s website.