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Investigation title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Report release
Grounding of pilot launch PV Corsair at Queenscliff on 5 October 2023 MO-2023-003 Pending
Steering failure and contact with navigational beacon involving CMA CGM Puccini, Port Melbourne, Victoria, on 25 May 2023 MO-2023-002 Pending
Grounding of World Diana in Bunbury, Western Australia, on 22 April 2023 MO-2023-001 Pending
Grounding of Hagen Oldendorff, Port Hedland, Western Australia, 9 April 2022 MO-2022-007 Interim
Propulsion failure of Portland Bay, off Port Kembla, New South Wales, 4 July 2022 MO-2022-006 Interim
Near-miss grounding of Rosco Poplar, off Bond Reef, Hydrographers Passage, Queensland, 4 May 2022 MO-2022-005 Pending
Breakaway incidents involving OOCL Brisbane and CMA CGM Bellini in the Port of Brisbane, Queensland on 16 May and 20 May 2022 respectively MO-2022-004 Pending
Breakaway and grounding involving CSC Friendship, Port of Brisbane, Queensland, on 27 February 2022 MO-2022-003 Preliminary
Collision involving the bulk carrier Goliath and tugs York Cove and Campbell Cove, Devonport, Tasmania on 28 January 2022 MO-2022-002 Final
Gas control equipment malfunction on board the gas tanker Suiso Frontier at Western Port, Hastings, Victoria on 25 January 2022 MO-2022-001 Final
Fatal fall from the pilot ladder of Formosabulk Clement, 5 NM east of Caloundra, Queensland on 9 August 2021 MO-2021-004 Final
Assistance to the Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) investigation into the crew fatality onboard <em>Star Planet</em> off the coast of South Australia, on 4 June 2021 ME-2021-004 Final
Engine room fire on board <em>MPV Everest</em>, Southern Ocean, 5 April 2021 MO-2021-003 Final
Fire on board BBC Rhonetal Port Hedland, Western Australia on 25 March 2021 MO-2021-002 Final
Grounding of <em>Trinity Bay</em>, Harrington Shoal, Queensland on 19 January 2021 MO-2021-001 Final
Assistance to the Hong Kong Marine Accident Investigation Section (MAIS) investigation into the crew fatality onboard <em>Luzon Strait</em> while at anchor off Bunbury, Western Australia, on 11 December 2020 ME-2020-003 Final
Loss of containers overboard from APL England 46 NM south-east of Sydney, New South Wales on 24 May 2020 351-MO-2020-002 Final
Collision between <em>Accolade II</em> and <em>Sandgroper</em> off Port Adelaide, South Australia, on 29 February 2020 350-MO-2020-001 Final
Collision with a tree involving the airboat <em>Gale Force</em>, Sweets Lagoon, Northern Territory, on 22 June 2019 MO-2019-007 Final
Assistance to the Accident Investigation Board Norway investigation into the propulsion failure of Viking Sky, Hustadvika, Norway, on 23 March 2019 ME-2019-005 Final