ATSB Chief Commissioner at a press conference

Media contacts

Our preferred method of contact for media is via email:

Alternatively during Canberra business hours call our media line: 1800 020 616 (international callers dial +61 2 6257 2463).

We will promptly respond to all media enquiries during business hours.

In rare circumstances, such as following a significant transport safety accident, we may temporarily move to a broadcast-only position, and may not be able to immediately reply to individual media inquiries.

Please note the ATSB does not maintain a 24-hour media line. However, we will respond to media inquiries outside of business hours at times of significant transport safety accidents and emergencies.

Media statements

ATSB media statements are published here. Media statements are also published on our social media channels.

Media lists

The ATSB does not maintain a single media distribution list, however, media may sign up to our report release subscriber email lists to be advised of new report releases as soon as they are published. If you would like to be kept informed of the progress of a specific investigation, please email us.

High-res images

Please contact us via email to request high-resolution images (where they are available).

What does the ATSB investigate?

The ATSB is not required to, and is not resourced to, investigate every aviation, rail and marine transport accident and incident.

The ATSB is funded to undertake a finite number of investigations each year, and our primary focus is those investigations that have the potential to deliver the greatest public benefit through improvements to transport safety.

Read more about the ATSB's investigation processes, and how we decide whether to investigate a transport safety occurrence.

What doesn’t the ATSB investigate?

Note the ATSB does not investigate accidents and incidents involving recreational, ultralight and other sports aviation aircraft, such as non-powered gliders, gyrocopters, hang gliders, paragliders and private hot air balloons. 

The ATSB does investigate accidents and incidents involving commercial hot air balloons carrying fare-paying passengers.