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Downwash incidents at hospital helicopter landing sites
Aviation Occurrence Statistics (rates update) 2010 to 2019
A safety analysis of aerial firefighting occurrences in Australia, July 2000 to March 2020
Australian aviation wildlife strike statistics 2008 – 2017
Analysis of Wake Turbulence Occurrences at Sydney Airport 2012–2016
Fatigue experiences and culture in Australian commercial air transport pilots
Exploration of change in aviation gasoline lead content in northern Australia on reported engine–related occurrences
Power plant failures in turboprop-powered aircraft 2012 to 2016
A safety analysis of remotely piloted aircraft systems 2012 to 2016: A rapid growth and safety implications for traditional aviation
The effect of Australian aviation weather forecasts on aircraft operations:Adelaide and Mildura Airports, Australia
Aerial application safety 2015-2016 year in review
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Aerial application safety: 2014 to 2015 year in review
Australian aviation wildlife strike statistics 2004 to 2013
Power plant failures in turbofan-powered aircraft 2008 to 2012
An analysis of fumes and smoke events in Australia from 2008 to 2012: A joint initiative of Australian aviation safety agencies
Stall warnings in high capacity aircraft: The Australian context 2008 to 2012
Loss of separation between aircraft in Australian airspace, January 2008 to June 2012
Pilot experience and performance in an airline environment
A review of the effectiveness of emergency locator transmitters in aviation accidents