Applying for a position overseas?

If you are applying for a position overseas and the organisation wants a letter of verification of your Flight Crew Licence (FCL), the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) can issue a standard letter reflecting your qualifications including:

  • Australian Flight Crew Licence (Including endorsements; ratings and approvals)
  • Aviation Reference Number (ARN)
  • Current Aviation Medical details including any conditions attached to the Certificate
  • Details of any suspensions / cancellation of my Flight Crew Licence and any actions brought against me by CASA.

Apply to CASA, as the issuer of your licence, for a FCL Verification Letter by completing the Flight crew licence verification form 452 (PDF 164 KB)

Further information, email:, call 131 757, or visit CASA flight crew licensing FAQs

Aviation Incident Reporting Summary

ARN holders can be provided with an Aviation Incident Reporting Summary to confirm any accidents and incidents reported to the ATSB.