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Investigation title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Report release
Collision between freight train 7MD3 and road vehicle at Katherine, NT, on 12 October 2014 RO-2014-017 Final
Collision between V/Line train 8280 and MTM train 6502, Altona, Vic, on 22 August 2014 RO-2014-016 Final
Fire on freight train 3DA2 near Snowtown, SA on 21 August 2014 RO-2014-015 Final
Safe work on track across Australia: Analysis of incident data, 2009 - 2014 RI-2014-011 Final
Derailment of freight train 6DA2 near Marryat, SA on 26 July 2014 RO-2014-014 Final
Derailment of ST24 near North Melbourne Station, Vic, on 11 July 2014 RO-2014-013 Final
Derailment of ore train 24KW near Whyalla, SA on 7 July 2014 RO-2014-012 Final
Locomotive fire at Awaba, NSW on 5 June 2014 RO-2014-010 Final
Near hit with detrained passengers on track at Kilbride, New South Wales, on 22 May 2014 RO-2014-009 Final
Fatality at Heyington Railway Station, Toorak, Vic., on 22 February 2014 RO-2014-005 Final
Safeworking irregularity involving train 5SM2 near Springhurst, Vic, on 6 March 2014 RO-2014-004 Final
Derailment of train 3WB3 at Nambucca Heads, NSW on 14 May 2014 RO-2014-007 Final
Derailment of ore train 4413, Bonnie Vale, WA on 14 May 2014 RO-2014-008 Final
Derailment of freight train 3MP9 near Malbooma SA on 10 April 2014 RO-2014-006 Final
Derailment of grain train 9130 at Emu, Vic, on 12 February 2014 RO-2014-003 Final
Derailment of Sydney Trains Passenger Train 602M near Edgecliff station, Sydney, NSW on 15 January 2014 RO-2014-001 Final
Derailment of freight train 2DA2 at Union Reef, NT on 30 December 2013 RO-2013-028 Final
Derailment of freight train 9204V, Sims Street Junction, West Melbourne, VIC on 4 December 2013 RO-2013-027 Final
Derailment of freight train 3XW4 at Newport, Victoria on 30 October 2013 RO-2013-026 Final
Safeworking irregularity at Glenrowan, Victoria on 29 October 2013 RO-2013-025 Final