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Occurence ID Title Occurrence date Report release date
AB-2023-007 Airspeed indication failure on take-off involving a Lancair IV-PT at Parafield, South Australia, on 6 October 2023
AB-2023-005 Low fuel involving a Cessna 172M, at Gold Coast, Queensland, on 11 May 2023
AB-2023-002 Fuel contamination involving a Cessna Aircraft Company 172N at Groote Eylandt, Northern Territory, on 28 March 2023
AB-2023-006 Partial power loss and collision with terrain involving a Cirrus Design Corporation SR20 near Southern Cross Aerodrome, WA, on 13 June 2023
AB-2023-001 Inadvertent autopilot activation involving a Cessna 172R, Stanthorpe, Queensland, on 14 March 2023
AB-2023-004 Object falling from aircraft involving a GippsAero GA-8 Fraser Island, Queensland, on 6 April 2023
AB-2022-024 Engine malfunction and forced landing involving Rockwell International 114 6 km south-west of Swan Hill Airport, Victoria, on 29 November 2022
AB-2022-016 Aircraft loading incident involving a Piper Aircraft Corporation PA-28-161 Bankstown, NSW, on 28 September 2022
AB-2022-017 Separation issues involving a Cessna 404 and an American Champion 8KCAB 8 NM south-east of Moorabbin Airport, Vic., on 3 November 2022
AB-2022-014 Failure to pressurise, Beech Aircraft Corp B200T, 34 km west south-west of Northam, WA, on 27 September 2022
AB-2022-013 Engine fire during start-up involving a Piper PA-28-161 Moorabbin, Victoria, on 11 October 2022
AB-2022-005 Ground injury involving Cessna 182 Lower Light, South Australia, on 10 July 2022
AB-2022-004 Ground fire involving a Robinson R44 188 km north-north-east of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, on 22 June 2022
AB-2022-003 Collision with terrain involving Robinson R22, 200 km south-west of Winton, Queensland, on 17 June 2022
AB-2022-010 Collision with terrain, Cessna 172N Warnervale, New South Wales, on 22 August 2022
AB-2022-011 Engine malfunction, amateur built Savannah XL,1.5 km from Great Keppel Island, Queensland, on 18 September 2022
AB-2021-029 Engine failure and ditching, Socata TB-20, 20 km west of Perth Airport, Western Australia, on 13 November 2021
AB-2022-001 Fuel starvation, Cessna 172 Gold Coast Airport, Queensland, on 16 March 2022
AB-2021-031 Propellor blade defect, Diamond Aircraft Industries DA-40 near Moorabbin Airport, Victoria, on 1 December 2021
AB-2022-002 Fuel starvation involving a Quest Kodiak 100, 65 km west of Camden Airport, New South Wales, on 1 May 2022