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Investigation title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Report release
Derailment of Train 6WP2, Bates, South Australia, on 9 November 2003 2003004 Final
Derailment of Pacific National Freight Train 2PW4-N, Ararat, Victoria, on 28 November 2003 2003/005 Final
Derailment of Freight Train 1SP2N and the Subsequent Collision of Passenger Train 8318, Chiltern, Victoria, on 16 March 2003 2003/002 Final
Fatal collision between passenger train 3C37 and a Ford Falcon station wagon, Aloomba, Queensland, on 23 May 2003 2003/003 Final
Runaway of Suburban Electric Passenger Train 5264 and collision with Diesel Locomotive Hauled Passenger Train 8141 2003/001 Final
Collision between steam passenger Train 8382 & Loaded B-double truck 2002003 Final
Collision Between Suburban Electric Passenger Train 1648 and Suburban Electric Empty Train 1025 2002/001 Final
Collision between the passenger train 5AL8 and vehicles at the Salisbury Interchange level crossing, Salisbury, South Australia, on 24 October 2002 2002/002 Final
Collision between Suburban Electric Passenger Train 6369 and the empty Express Electric Train 6371, Footscray, Victoria, on 5 June 2001 2001/002 Final
Derailment of Coal Train EG37, Black Mountain, Queensland, on 1 July 2001 2001/003 Final
Derailment of passenger train 8622, Sydney - Melbourne daylight XPT service, Wodonga, Victoria, on 25 March 2001 2001/001 Final
Collision between Freight Train 9784 and Ballast Train 9795, Ararat, Vic, 26 November 1999 1999/002 Final
Collision between Indian Pacific Passenger Train 3AP88 and Freight Train 3PW4N, Zanthus, WA, 18 August 1999 1999/001 Final
Coal Train Collision, Beresfield, New South Wales, on 23 October 1997 1998/001 Final