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Black Mountain
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Occurrence Investigation
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Highest injury level

On 1 July 2001, loaded coal train EG37 derailed on Connors Range
causing $A21M damage to rolling stock and infrastructure. The
accident resulted in the derailment of 75 wagons and 2 electric
locomotives and extensive damage to about 500 metres of track and
overhead wiring. There were no injuries resulting from the

The investigation into the accident determined that an extended
loss of Locotrol radio signal at the top of the range and the
failure of the back up safety mechanism in the train brake system
triggered the event. The brake system failure was due to a stray
O-ring lodged in the seat of the cut off portion of the Brake Pipe
Control Valve. The braking of the train was consequently reduced to
something less than half its normal capacity. This was insufficient
to allow the driver to control the speed of the train down the

Queensland Transport acknowledges the efforts of the ATSB for
chairing the panel and Queensland Rail for their professionalism
and unlimited provision of technical expertise.