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Investigation title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Report release
Suspected engine room fire and passenger evacuation involving domestic commercial vessel <em>Fitzroy Flyer</em>, 13km ENE of Cairns, Queensland on 29 March 2019 MO-2019-004 Final
Fire on board Iron Chieftain, Port Kembla, New South Wales on 18 June 2018 346-MO-2018-011 Final
Fatality in the elevator trunk on board <em>OOCL Kuala Lumpur</em>, 8.5 nautical miles south-east of Port Botany, New South Wales, on 3 June 2018 345-MO-2018-009 Final
Loss of containers overboard involving <em>YM Efficiency</em>, 16 NM east-south-east of Newcastle, New South Wales, on 1 June 2018 344-MO-2018-008 Final
Contact with wharf by livestock carrier <em>Angus Express</em> at Broome, Western Australia on 20 April 2018 343-MO-2018-006 Final
Technical assistance to WA-DoT in the examination of electronic evidence from the yacht <em>Finistere</em> which capsized south of Perth, WA, on 24 February 2018 ME-2018-007 Final
Grounding of the landing craft <em>Lauren Hansen</em>, Cape Keith, Melville Island, Northern Territory, on 11 April 2018 342-MO-2018-005 Final
Grounding of bulk carrier <em>Bulk India,</em> Dampier, Western Australia, on 11 March 2018 341-MO-2018-004 Final
Water ingress into steering gear compartment onboard the bulk carrier <em>Goliath</em>, Bass Strait, Tasmania, on 7 March 2018 340-MO-2018-003 Final
Collision between the container ship <em>Beijing Bridge</em> and fishing vessel <em>Saxon Onward</em>, Tasman Sea, about 3 NM south-east of Gabo Island, Victoria, on 23 January 2018 339-MO-2018-002 Final
Serious injury on board <em>Berge Daisetsu</em>, Portland, Victoria on 11 January 2018 338-MO-2018-001 Final
Fire on board the general cargo ship <em>BBC Xingang</em>, Newcastle, NSW, on 11 December 2017 337-MO-2017-011 Final
Grounding of bulk carrier <em>Orient Centaur</em> at Weipa, Queensland on 6 November 2017 336-MO-2017-010 Final
Grounding of ABFC Roebuck Bay on Henry Reef, Queensland, on 30 September 2017 355-MO-2017-009 Final
Grounding of domestic commercial vessel, <em>The Big Duck</em>, Granite Island, Victor Harbour, South Australia, on 15 August 2017 334-MO-2017-008 Discontinued
Collision between the container ship Glasgow Express and the fishing vessel Mako, off Cape Woolamai, Bass Strait, Victoria, on 12 August 2017 333-MO-2017-007 Final
Collision between the tug <em>Arafura Sea Delta</em> and general cargo ship <em>Thorco Crystal,</em> Weipa Harbour, Qld. on 24 June 2017 332-MO-2017-005 Final
Foundering of <em>Venessa S</em>, Cabbage Tree Island, New South Wales, on 20 June 2017 331-MO-2017-004 Final
Near grounding of <em>Aquadiva</em>, Newcastle Harbour, NSW, on 12 February 2017 330-MO-2017-002 Final
Loss of propulsion on passenger cruise ship Norwegian Star, Bass Strait, near Cape Liptrap, Victoria on 10 February 2017 329-MO-2017-003 Final