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Investigation title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Report release
Fall from height and serious injuries to crewmembers on board <em>Shanghai Spirit</em> near Port Alma, Queensland, on 29 January 2017 328-MO-2017-001 Final
Grounding of <em>Searoad Mersey</em>, near Grassy, King Island, Tasmania, on 30 October 2016 327-MO-2016-004 Final
Grounding of <em>Bow Singapore</em>, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria on 19 August 2016 MO-2016-005 Final
Breakaway of Spirit of Tasmania II at Station Pier, Port Melbourne, Victoria on 13 January 2016 MO-2016-001 Final
Contact with navigation buoy, <em>Navios Northern Star</em>, Torres Strait, Qld on 15 March 2016 325-MO-2016-003 Final
ATSB Assistance to the New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission - Sinking of the <em>FV Jubilee</em>, Canterbury Bight, New Zealand, 18 October 2015 ME-2015-008 Final
Contact with wharf by <em>Madang Coast</em>, Townsville, Queensland, on 16 November 2015 323-MO-2015-007 Final
Technical assistance to AMSA in the examination of electronic evidence from the <em>FV Returner</em> which foundered near Karratha, WA in July 2015 ME-2015-006 Final
Fatality on board Skandi Pacific, off the Pilbara coast, Western Australia on 14 July 2015 322-MO-2015-005 Final
Man overboard from <em>Hyundai Dangjin</em> at Port Walcott, WA, on 10 July 2015 321-MO-2015-004 Final
Collision between <em>Jag Arnav</em> and <em>Total Response</em>, off Bunbury, Western Australia on 23 June 2015 320-MO-2015-003 Final
Grounding of <em>Maersk Garonne</em>, Fremantle, WA on 28 February 2015 319-MO-2015-002 Final
Serious injury of two crew on <em>Happy Buccaneer</em>, Port Hedland, WA on 23 February 2015 318-MO-2015-001 Final
Serious injury on board <em>Northwest Stormpetrel</em> at Dampier, WA on 8 November 2014 316-MO-2014-013 Final
Contact with wharf by <em>Big Glory</em> at Cape Flattery, Qld on 20 November 2014 317-MO-2014-014 Final
Fire on board the livestock carrier <em>Ocean Drover</em>, Fremantle, WA on 9 October 2014 315-MO-2014-012 Final
Man overboard fatality from <em>Cape Splendor</em> Port Hedland, WA on 6 October 2014 314-MO-2014-011 Final
Fatigue assessment report: Assistance to TAIC New Zealand for the grounding of <em>Rena</em> on Astrolabe Reef on 5 October 2011 ME-2014-007 Final
Breakaway of <em>Grand Pioneer</em> and <em>AAL Fremantle</em> at Fremantle, WA on 17 August 2014 313-MO-2014-009 Final
Engine room fire on board <em>Marigold</em> at Port Hedland, WA on 13 July 2014 312-MO-2014-008 Final