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 Safety concern regarding aviation Security Inspectors (ASIs) lack of awareness of aviation hazards

Reporter's deidentified concern

The reporter has expressed concern around the awareness of Aviation Security Inspectors (ASIs) to potential hazards in the airside environment. The reporter has stated that on one occasion they have seen ASI’s operate mobile phones to take photos of ASIC cards in close proximity to a refuelling aircraft, and that ASI personnel were observed to walk through the ‘no-go area’ around a helicopter’s stationary tail rotor as the flight crew were conducting pre-flight activities.

The reporter queries whether ASIs are provided with specific training around the aviation hazards that may be present when conducting their duties airside, and if there are policies in place around the use of electronic devices around refuelling aircraft or equipment.

Regulator's response

The Department of Home Affairs have alerted all regional operational offices to the concerns raised in the REPCON.

The department is also immediately reviewing our approach to aviation safety training for all Aviation Security Inspectors, and our standard procedures governing such training.