This report tables rail safety occurrence data by
state and territory between 1 January 2002 and
31 December 2011. The data is presented as counts, and
divided by kilometres travelled or the number of track kilometres
to allow comparison between states. This report excludes tram,
light rail and monorail operations.

The data presented is designed to assist rail safety
professionals and researchers in understanding and taking action to
reduce the safety risk. In addition, it can be used for
international comparative research, while informing the public
about emerging issues in rail safety. The data in this report
contains information about the following safety-critical

  • fatalities
  • serious personal injuries
  • derailments
  • collisions
  • level crossing occurrences
  • signals passed at danger (SPAD)
  • load irregularities
  • track and civil infrastructure irregularities.
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