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Investigation title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Report release
Technical assistance to CASA in the examination of a wing spoiler cable from a Boeing 737-300 aircraft AE-2022-001 Final
Engine power loss and forced landing involving Robinson R22 Beta, VH-VHE, 130 km south-west of Mitchell, Queensland, on 11 January 2022 AO-2022-005 Final
Collision with terrain, involving a Cessna U206G, VH-JVR 124 km west of Norseman, Western Australia, on 3 March 2022 AO-2022-011 Preliminary
Collision with terrain involving Bell 206L-1, VH-BHF, 20 km north-west of Jindabyne, New South Wales on 11 March 2022 AO-2022-012 Pending
In-flight tail rotor blade failure and tail assembly separation involving Robinson Helicopter R22, VH-THM, Gold Coast Airport, Queensland, on 26 February 2022 AO-2022-010 Pending
Fuel exhaustion and collision with terrain involving Robinson R44 II, VH-IDW, King River, Northern Territory, on 28 February 2022 AO-2022-009 Final
Touchdown off the runway surface involving Raytheon B200, VH-MVP, at Lord Howe Island Airport, New South Wales, on 18 February 2022 AO-2022-007 Final
Drive shaft failure and loss of control involving Garlick Helicopters UH-1H, VH-UHX, 36 km north of Launceston, Tasmania, on 14 February 2022 AO-2022-006 Final
Collision with terrain involving Piper PA-25, VH-SEH, Seaview, Victoria, on 23 February 2022 AO-2022-008 Final
Aircraft performance and cockpit visibility study supporting investigation into the mid-air collision involving VH-AEM and VH-JQF near Mangalore Airport, Victoria on 19 February 2020 AS-2022-001 Final
Engine failure and collision with terrain involving Jodel D11 VH-WBL 34 km north-north-west of Mackay Airport, Queensland AO-2021-054 Discontinued
In-flight propeller loss involving Jabiru J170, 24-7496, near Muchea/Greenside ALA, Western Australia, on 22 December 2021 AO-2022-004 Final
Hard landing involving Kavanagh Balloons B-350, VH-BSW, 2 km south of Lilydale Airport, Victoria, on 31 December 2021 AO-2022-003 Final
Runway overrun involving Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8, VH-WSB, East Wallabi Island, Western Australia, on 26 December 2021 AO-2022-001 Final
Cabin crew incapacitation involving Fokker F100, registered VH-FNU, near Mount Magnet Aerodrome, WA on 27 December 2021 AO-2022-002 Discontinued
Fuel starvation and collision with water involving Rockwell International 114, VH-WMM, 1km north of Redcliffe aircraft landing area, Queensland, on 19 December 2021 AO-2021-053 Final
Runway excursion involving Boeing 777-300ER, A7-BED Brisbane Airport, Queensland, on 30 November 2021 AO-2021-051 Discontinued
Collision with terrain involving Air Tractor AT-400, VH-ACQ, 75 km west-south-west of Moree, New South Wales, on 4 December 2021 AO-2021-052 Final
Cabin pressurisation issue involving Boeing B737-36E SF, ZK-FXK, near Darwin Airport, Northern Territory, on 4 November 2021 AO-2021-047 Final
Unforecast weather and flight below minimum altitude involving Fokker Aircraft F100, VH-NHV, Paraburdoo Airport, Western Australia, on 22 November 2021 AO-2021-048 Final