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Investigation title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Report release
Collision with terrain involving Robinson R22, VH-LOS, 36 km south of Ramingining, Northern Territory, on 14 November 2022 AO-2022-057 Final
Brake failure and fire involving DHC-8-202, VH-TQS, Sydney Airport, New South Wales, 8 November 2022 AO-2022-056 Pending
Aircraft preparation occurrence involving Saab 340B, registered VH-VEQ, at Canberra Airport, ACT on 10 November 2022 AO-2022-055 Pending
Air traffic control error involving Boeing 737, VH-YFT, near Armidale, New South Wales on 19 October 2022 AO-2022-052 Final
Rejected take-off involving SAAB 340, VH-ZRC, Flinders Island Airport, Tasmania, 4 November 2022 AO-2022-054 Final
Flight below minimum altitude occurrences, 40 km south of Cairns Airport, Queensland on 24 and 26 October 2022 AO-2022-051 Final
Collision with terrain involving Robinson Helicopter R44, VH-OCL, near Kumarina Roadhouse Airport, WA on 3 November 2022 AO-2022-053 Pending
Technical assistance to the Ministry of Transport, Thailand – Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Commission investigation of a runway excursion involving a Hawker 850XP aircraft, registered HS-WTH, Pattani Airport, Thailand on 5 October 2020 AE-2022-004 Final
Flight instrumentation failure and descent below glideslope involving SAAB 340, VH-VEQ, 9 km south of Sydney Airport, New South Wales, on 24 October 2022 AO-2022-050 Interim
Fuel starvation and forced landing involving Pilatus Britten-Norman Islander BN2A, VH-WQA, Moa Island, Queensland on 3 October 2022 AO-2022-046 Final
Loss of separation involving Airbus A330, VH-EBK, and Boeing 787, G-ZBKF near Sydney Airport, New South Wales on 28 September 2022 AO-2022-047 Final
Collision with terrain involving Robinson R22, VH-RAS, 13 km south-west Koorda, Western Australia, on 2 October 2022 AO-2022-045 Preliminary
Collision with terrain involving Bell Helicopter 206B, VH-PHP 6 km east north east of Maitland Airport, New South Wales on 6 October 2022 AO-2022-048 Preliminary
Collision with terrain involving Mooney M20J, registration VH-UDQ, near Luskintyre Airfield, NSW on 17 October 2022 AO-2022-049 Pending
Birdstrike and collision with terrain involving Air Tractor AT-502B, VH-KDR, 32 km east-north-east of Chinchilla Airport, Queensland, on 19 September 2022 AO-2022-043 Final
Ground strike involving Ayres Corporation S2R-T15, VH-IWI Trangie, New South Wales on 31 August 2022 AO-2022-042 Final
Collision with terrain involving Robinson Helicopter R22 Beta, registration VH-CWE, Budgerygar Station, Queensland on 26 September 2022 AO-2022-044 Discontinued
Fuel starvation event involving Cessna 310, VH-JQK, near Sunshine Coast Airport, Queensland, on 18 August 2022 AO-2022-040 Final
VFR into IMC and controlled flight into terrain involving Cessna R182, VH-EHM, 36 km north-west of Archerfield Airport, Queensland on 29 August 2022 AO-2022-041 Preliminary
Assistance to the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia in the examination of components from a fatal accident involving a weightshift microlight on 3 March 2021 AE-2021-012 Final