Date of access (date decision released to applicant) FOI reference number Description of documents Documents released Access
10 July 2019 FOI 18-19(13) All non-restricted documents relating to a light aircraft accident involving a PA32-300 (Cherokee Six), registration VH-BDG at Whitsunday Drive, Bloomsbury, on 26 July 2015. FOI 18-19(13) documents Partial
24 June 2019 FOI 18-19(16) All documents relating to a light aircraft accident at Moorook, South Australia, on 30 December 2016. FOI 18-19(16) documents Partial
14 June 2019 FOI 18-19(14) Wreckage images relating to a fatal light aircraft accident at Hedlow Airfield, Yeppoon QLD, on 25 November 2016. FOI 18-19(14) documents Partial
29 April 2019 FOI 18-19(12) All records relevant to a light aircraft accident at Melawondi Road, Gympie on 9 June 2016. FOI 18-19(12) documents Partial
15 February 2019 FOI 18-19(10)

Correspondence or reports relating to a radio controlled model aircraft accident at Gratton Field, Calvert, Queensland on 16 September 2018.

NB:  Request actioned based on documents on hand as at 21 January 2019.

FOI 18-19(10) documents Partial