What is REPCON?

REPCON is a voluntary and confidential reporting scheme. REPCON allows any person who has an aviation safety concern to report it to the ATSB confidentially. Protection of the reporter's identity and any individual referred to in the report is a primary element of the scheme.

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Who can make a REPCON report?

Anyone can report a safety concern confidentially to the ATSB. This means members of the travelling public or people involved in aviation.

Some examples of who has made a REPCON report in the past include:

  • an employee or contractor of an aviation transport operator who reported a matter under the operator’s Safety Management System (SMS) but does not believe it will be properly dealt with. 
  • a person who has not reported under the SMS because they believe they will suffer retribution. (When submitting a report please ensure that you cannot be identified within your organisation by not copying any other person in to the report).

What may be reported with REPCON?

Each of the following concerns (reportable safety concerns) in relation to the safety of aircraft operations to which the Regulations apply are examples of what may be reported under REPCON.  The list is not exhaustive:

a) an incident or circumstance that affects or might affect the safety of aircraft operations;

b) a procedure, practice or condition that a reasonable person would consider endangers, or, if not corrected, would endanger, the safety of air navigation or aircraft operations, for example:

(i) poor training, behaviour or attitude displayed by an aircraft operator, airport operator or air traffic control service provider; or
(ii) insufficient qualifications or experience of employees of the aircraft operator, airport operator or air traffic control service provider; or
(iii) scheduling or rostering that contributes to the fatigue of employees of the aircraft operator, airport operator or air traffic control service provider; or
(iv) an aircraft operator, airport operator or air traffic control service provider bypassing safety procedures because of operational or commercial pressures; or
(v) inadequate airport facilities for safe operations; or
(vi) unsafe passenger, baggage or cargo management; or
(vii) inadequate traffic or weather information;

c) any other matter that affects, or might affect the safety of or aircraft operations not reportable under a mandatory reporting scheme.

If you are in any doubt whether the matter you wish to report is covered by the REPCON scheme or a mandatory reporting scheme please call us.

What is not a reportable safety concern?

To avoid doubt, the following matters are not reportable safety concerns and are not guaranteed confidentiality

  • matters relating to a serious and imminent threat to a person’s health or life
  • industrial relations matters
  • conduct that constitutes a criminal offence
  • terrorist acts. If you wish to provide information about terrorist activity you should call the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400.

Matters which must be reported under a mandatory reporting scheme should not be reported under REPCON. This will not discharge your reporting obligations under a mandatory reporting scheme.

If you believe it would be necessary to act on information about an individual referred to in your report then you should report this directly to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) on 1800 074 737 or the aircraft operator

What is confidential?

Personal information about the reporter and any person referred to in the report is confidential. Even if you are not concerned about keeping your identity confidential, do not copy in personnel from within or outside your organisation to the report. The integrity of the confidentiality of the reporter is the main concern of the REPCON system. If this occurs we cannot process the report within the REPCON framework.

If you think it’s necessary to act on information about a person referred to in your report, you should report this directly to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority on 1800 074 737.

Is an anonymous report via REPCON acceptable?

REPCON does not accept anonymous reports. REPCON staff cannot contact an anonymous reporter to verify the report or to seek additional information. Further, REPCON staff must be satisfied that the reporter's motivation for reporting is aviation safety promotion, and that the reporter is not attempting to damage a rival or pursue an industrial agenda.

How are REPCON reports processed?

REPCON staff will assess reports for clarity, completeness and significance for aviation safety and to ensure it meets the requirements of a Reportable Safety Concern (RSC) for aviation.

The report will be de-identified to remove all personal details of the reporter and any individual named in the report. This will be passed to the reporter who must authorise the content before the REPCON can proceed further.

The de-identified text is then forwarded to the relevant organisation that is best placed to address the RSC. The organisation’s response will then be forwarded to the regulatory bodies, such as CASA, for further action as deemed necessary.

REPCON may use the de-identified version of the report to issue an information-brief or alert bulletin to a person or organisation, including CASA, which is in a position to take safety action in response to the safety concern.

What are the possible outcomes from a REPCON report?

The desired outcomes are any actions taken to improve aviation safety in response to the identified concern. This can include variations to standards, orders, practices, procedures or an education campaign.

Why is REPCON important?

REPCON reports can serve as a powerful reminder that, despite the best of intentions, well-trained and well-meaning people are still capable of making mistakes. The de-identified stories arising from these reports may serve to reinforce the message that we must remain vigilant to ensure the ongoing safety of ourselves and others.


REPCON is a separate scheme to the Aviation Self Reporting Scheme (ASRS). The ASRS allows for self-reports of unintentional regulatory breaches by pilots who are seeking to claim protection from administrative action by CASA. A reporter seeking protection from administrative action by CASA should consider reporting under the ASRS and whether they meet its criteria.

REPCON is a much broader reporting scheme designed to capture a wide range of aviation safety concerns from a large pool of potential reporters.

How can I make a REPCON report?

REPCON reports can be submitted by: Online REPCON form

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PO Box 600
Civic Square, ACT 2608

Telephone: 1800 020 505
Overseas: +61 2 6230 5135

Email: repcon@atsb.gov.au


If you require assistance, advice or further information, please call REPCON on 1800 020 505 (International: +61 2 6230 5135).


Submission of information known by the reporter to be false or misleading is a serious offence under section 137.1 of the Criminal Code. Aiding, abetting, counseling, procuring or urging the submission of false or misleading information is also a serious offence.