Under the ASRS, the holder of a Civil Aviation Authorisation may report a reportable contravention committed by the holder. Reports pertaining to third parties are ineligible and will be returned to reporters. No action will be taken in response to ineligible reports.

Reporters submitting eligible reports can claim protection from administrative action by CASA, in accordance with section 30DO of the Civil Aviation Act 1988, once every five years.

For an ASRS report your identity will be kept confidential in accordance with Division 3C of the Civil Aviation Amendment Act 2003 and Division 13.K.1 of Subpart 13.K of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998.

Submission of information known by the reporter to be false or misleading is a serious offence under section 137.1 of the Criminal Code. Aiding, abetting, counselling, procuring or urging the submission of false or misleading information is also a serious offence.

No postage stamp is required if the printed form and any other material are mailed.

Aviation Self Reporting Scheme
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Call: 1800 020 505

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