The ASB rule and procedure for using an alternative route
Date issue released
Safety Issue Description

The ASB rule NWT 308 and procedure NPR 703 did not provide sufficient description for the task of using protecting signals for an alternative route. (Safety issue)

Issue number
Issue Status
Closed – Adequately addressed
Transport Function
Rail: Operations control
Issue Owner
Sydney Trains
Mode of Transport
Issue Status Justification

Network Rules changes brought in December 2020 prohibit the clearing of the absolute controlled signal immediately protecting the worksite.

Proactive action
Action number
Sydney Trains
Action Status
Action description

Sydney Trains has introduced changes to the network rules and procedures for Absolute Signal Blocking that prohibit the clearing of the signal immediately protecting the worksite in order to run a train using an alternative route. These changes were introduced in December 2020.

The ATSB considers this safety action as adequate to manage the risk of a signal being cleared and inadvertently allowing a train into a worksite when using an alternative route.