Inspection processes
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Safety Issue Description

Pacific National’s inspection processes did not identify key structural points for inspection on RRYY class wagons, including the susceptibility to cracking in the junction between container loading outriggers, pull rod boxed opening, and the bottom centre sill sections. This reduced the likelihood of cracks being detected.

Issue number
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Closed – Adequately addressed
Transport Function
Rail: Freight
Issue Owner
Pacific National
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The ATSB is satisfied that the action taken by Pacific National will ensure that maintenance inspections and train examinations will be directed to key areas of the RRYY wagon design that are susceptible to cracking.

Proactive action
Action number
Pacific National
Action date
Action Status
Action description

Immediately following this accident, Pacific National issued a Rolling Stock Notice in relation to its RRYY class wagon fleet. The notice required that:

  • all RRYY class wagons be inspected for underframe cracking
  • all RRYY class wagons exhibiting any cracking around the underframe be red carded for repairs
  • magnetic particle inspection or dye penetrant inspection of welded connections be conducted during scheduled preventative maintenance
  • a fleet assessment of RRYY class wagons be undertaken.

Since this initial response, Pacific National has also completed the following proactive safety actions:

  • An independent consultant was engaged to undertake a fleet assessment of RRYY class wagons to ensure that RRYY class wagons are safe to return to revenue service and achieve their initial design life of 30 years. This work included:
    • proposing a long term repair methodology for RRYY wagons with identified cracks
    • determining a maximum allowable crack length, safe operating conditions and an appropriate inspection regime for the wagons that did not require immediate repair.
  • Pacific National Wagon Maintenance Manual and Train Inspection Manual were revised to include key examination points of the RRYY class wagon structure.