Shipboard emergency contingency plans
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Iron Chieftain's Emergency Contingency Plan did not include a response plan to fire in the high fire risk self-unloading system spaces. Consequently, there was no clear plan or practiced sequence of actions that could aid emergency preparedness.

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Closed – Adequately addressed
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Marine: Shipboard operations
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Canada Steamship Lines Australia
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The development of ship-specific emergency contingency plans for responding to fire in the self-unloading system spaces should provide a useful framework to build and improve upon. These plans, exercised in conjunction with regular and realistic emergency drills, should adequately address this safety issue.

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Canada Steamship Lines Australia
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On 18 February 2021, Canada Steamship Lines Australia (CSL Australia) advised the ATSB that CSL Australia continued to develop emergency contingency plans specific to SUL ships as part of a continued improvement of its safety management system. In an update on 9 March 2021, CSL Australia confirmed that ship-specific emergency contingency plans for responding to fires in the self-unloading system spaces had been developed and implemented across the organisation’s SUL ships.