Shore planning
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The ship’s manager’s (Yang Ming) cargo-planning process ashore did not ensure that the proposed container stowage plan complied with the stowage and lashing forces requirements of the ship's Cargo Securing Manual. Consequently, compliance with these requirements relied entirely on shipboard checks, made at a late stage, with limited options available for amendments without unduly impacting commercial operations.

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Marine: Shipboard operations
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Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation
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The inclusion of lashing forces checks during the shore planning process is a practical means of reducing the risk of unsafe container stowage plans being presented to the ship at a late stage in the container shipping process. Familiarisation and training provided to shore planners should ensure that the outcomes of the lashing forces checks are understood and will allow effective action to be taken at an early stage. This provides assurance that container stowage plans presented to ships are as safe as practically possible.

Proactive action
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Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation
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Yang Ming advised the ATSB of the following safety action taken to address the shore planning safety issue:

  • procedures for container stowage in the ship’s SMS were updated to include a requirement for lashing forces checks to be performed ashore, at the stowage planning centre, as well as on board
  • the implementation of regular training for shore planners in the principles of container stowage, loading software and cargo securing manuals
  • training provided on the dangerous goods functionality of the computer automated stowage planning software used ashore
  • a stowage planning examination has been introduced for trainee stowage planners
  • a review of shipboard loading computer systems was undertaken across the Yang Ming fleet resulting in the adoption of route specific containers stowage class notations and the deployment of new, class-approved container stowage planning and lashing software on selected classes of vessels, with the same software to be used in the stowage planning centre ashore
  • class-approved MacGregor ‘Lashmate’ stowage calculation software installed on board YM Efficiency and sister ships.