Mode Aviation
Reference No. AR201900036
Date reported 30 May 2019
Concern title Confusion around clearance requirements for entering run up bays
Concern summary

The concern related to outdated maps and inadequate signage at [Location] aerodrome resulting in aircraft entering the run up bays without clearance.

Industry / Operation affected Aviation: General aviation
Concern subject type Aviation: Airport

Reporter's concern

The reporter stated that as a regular user of the aerodrome, they were only recently made aware that entering the run up bays from the parking area requires a taxi clearance from ATC. However, the manoeuvring map for [Location] airport on the CASA website has the area highlighted in blue, indicating it is an apron area and as such, does not require a taxi clearance from ATC.

The reporter is concerned that users of the run-up bays, particularly new users will be unaware of the clearance requirement, resulting in an increased risk of a taxi collision.

Operator's response (Operator 1)

The markings are correct and as per MOS139, but the signage outlining the manoeuvring area is on the grass at either end of the extended hardstand. This would mean that the delineation of the manoeuvring area is hard to see and define.

We reviewed possible alternatives but either the cones would be blown away during the engine run, or the pilot would not see the words MANOEUVRING AREA painted on the ground. We believe that the best option is to place the following phrase into ERSA under the Local Traffic Regulations:

4. ACFT must obtain a taxi clearance prior to entering the manoeuvring area or run-up bays.

Regulator's response (Regulator 1)

The aerodrome operator is currently undergoing a stakeholders consultation, including a review of AIP-ERSA entries and line markings in the area, to improve guidance to pilots prior to entering the manoeuvring area in the vicinity of Alpha West Run-up Bay.

CASA is satisfied that this course of action will address the safety concern.

The operator subsequently advised:

In consultation with CASA, the following actions have been taken to address the reporter’s concern:

  • “NO ENTRY” will be painted on the apron outside of the run up bay to highlight to pilots not to enter the bay from the apron side.
  • [Operator] will update ERSA to state “Access to the run up bays via taxiways only”.
  • [Operator] will add this issue to the SMS Committee meeting agenda for discussion.
  • [Operator] will liaise with Air Services Australia about the ERSA map to include run up bays and the terminal.
Last update 15 October 2019