Australian Rail Safety Occurrence Data 1 January 2001 to 30 June 2009


This report tables rail safety occurrence data by state and territory between 1 January 2001 and 30 June 2009. Data is adjusted biannually to reflect new information that comes to light during the reporting period. There is a lag period of approximately 3 to 4 months between the end of the 6-monthly reporting period and publication of this data. The data is presented as counts, and normalised using kilometres travelled and number of track kilometres. Data presented in this report conforms to ON-S1: Occurrence Notification Standard 1 (2004) and OC-G1: Occurrence Classification Guideline 1 (2008). This report excludes tram and light rail or monorail operations.

Type: Statistical Publication
Author(s): ATSB
Publication date: 30 October 2009
ISBN: 978-1-921602-99-3
ISSN: 1837-4794
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Last update 07 April 2014
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