MTAF procedures were introduced in Australia with the AMATS
changes of 12 December 1991. The MTAF procedure applies at
specified aerodromes. It depends on pilots making mandatory radio
calls, hearing calls from other aircraft, assessing this traffic
information for potential conflict, and responding appropriately
with radio communication and avoiding action if necessary.

The MTAF procedure is designed to alert aircraft to all other
air traffic in a designated area surrounding a particular
aerodrome. The procedure mandates certain radio broadcasts and
responses in these areas, and the pilots are then responsible for
arranging their own separation.

In March 1993 BASI was informed that airline pilots had
considerable concerns over the safety of RPT operations in MTAF
areas. Reports stated that "Since the inception of MTAFs, [pilots]
are experiencing conflict situations with unannounced, unalerted
traffic, on a daily basis. This is resulting in numerous instances
of immediate evasive action having to be initiated by aircraft
operated within MTAFs".

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