Date of access (date decision released to applicant) FOI reference number Description of documents Documents released Access
3 July 2014 FOI 13-14(13)

Access to the following documents in relation to a helicopter accident involving VH-BHU on 1 June 2011 near Whyanbeel, Queensland:

  1. any photographs depicting the area surrounding the site of the accident, the wreckage of the helicopter involved in the accident or any other photographs taken in relation to the accident; and
  2. copies of any witness statements, reports, file notes, emails, documents or records or notifications provided to the ATSB in respect of the accident.
FOI 13-14(13) Documents Partial
1 July 2014 FOI 13-14(20)

Accident report, statements, notices and any associated documents pertaining to a glider accident that occurred on 15 January 2012.

Contact ATSB Partial
3 June 2014 FOI 13-14(18)
  1. Any document containing a cost/benefit analysis (or similar analysis) undertaken or commissioned by the ATSB relating to the retrieval of the flight data recorder and/or cockpit voice recorder from Pel-Air flight VH-NGA, which ditched off Norfolk Island in 2009.
  2. Any response to or comment regarding such an analysis made by the ATSB.
  3. Any correspondence between the ATSB and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority regarding or in response to such an analysis.

FOI 13-14(18) documents


23 April 2014 FOI 13-14(17)

Accident or Incident reports relating to:

  • B-707 over Bahrain on 21 February 1969.
  • B-747 near miss, Frankfurt on 23 February 1977.
  • B-747 near miss, Thailand on 13 September 1990.
FOI 13-14(17) documents Parts (b) and (c) Partial
19 December 2013 FOI 13-14(2)

Copies of all documents in relation to the incident involving a Robinson R44 helicopter near Flying Fox Creek Station in the Northern Territory on 30 March 2010 including, but not limited to all incident reports, file notes, investigations and statements made.

Contact ATSB Partial
25 September 2013 FOI 13-14(1)

A copy of any or all documents, correspondence, any statements taken and any other information regarding the collision on 3 June 2013 near Rinadeena on the West Coast Wilderness Railway in Tasmania.

NB: Request limited to non-restricted information only. Restricted information is defined under section 3 of the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003.

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