Remote control equipment commissioning process
Date issue released
Safety Issue Description

TasRail commissioned the manufacture of, and continued to use, redesigned safety-critical remote control equipment for operating a locomotive without systematic assurance of its safety, leading to excessive reliance on the manufacturer. This was because TasRail did not:

  • fully engage with the development process from initial design through to commissioning, or understand the extent of design changes associated with the introduction of the generation 3 RCE (which reduced the capability to prevent, identify and resolve design and integration problems)
  • explicitly identify and impose safety requirements
  • verify that the overall system met a specified level of safety.
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No longer relevant
Transport Function
Rail: Rolling stock
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Issue Status Justification

TasRail advised that it had withdrawn all remote-control technology. The withdrawal of all remote-control technology negates the need for safety action to directly address each aspect of the safety issue as the system in question is no longer in use.

Proactive action
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On 15 July 2022 TasRail advised that it had withdrawn all remote-control technology.

See Management of safety-related change (RO-2018-014-SI-05) for additional safety action undertaken by TasRail to provide safety assurance to future projects.