Incorrect wiring of the interlock
Date issue released
Safety Issue Description

It was found that the safety interlocks on the wave compensator systems on board British Sapphire, British Emerald and British Ruby had been electrically by-passed thereby preventing the safety interlocks from functioning.. As a result, the wave compensators on board all three ships could be engaged regardless of whether the fast rescue boats were waterborne or suspended from the fall wire

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Transport Function
Marine: Shipboard operations
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d-i Davit International
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Proactive action
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d-i Davit International
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Action description

The ATSB has been advised that Davit International after sales department will contact owners of ships with similar wave compensation safety switch system to check if similar problem can occur.

In addition, Davit International will put additional warning in instruction manual and send revised pages to owners with same or similar wave compensation systems.

ATSB Response

The ATSB is satisfied that the action proposed by Davit International adequately addresses the safety issue.