Crash-resistant fuel system
Date issue released
Safety Issue Description

The aircraft was not fitted nor required to be fitted with a crash-resistant fuel system under the current standards or those in place at the time of manufacture. As a result, post-impact fire presents a significant risk of fire-related injuries and fatalities to aircraft occupants.

Response by the United States Federal Aviation Administration

The Federal Aviation Administration is forming a cross-organisational team to review the topic of post-crash fires and identify potential risk mitigations.

ATSB comment

The ATSB acknowledges the Federal Aviation Administration’s plan to review the issue of post-impact fires. However, as there is no commitment to safety action addressing standards for crash-resistant fuel systems or timeframe, the ATSB is issuing the following safety recommendation.

Issue number
Issue Status
Open – Safety action pending
Transport Function
Aviation: General aviation
Issue Owner
United States Federal Aviation Administration
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Action number
United States Federal Aviation Administration
ATSB Response

The ATSB recommends that the United States Federal Aviation Administration take action to address certification requirements for crash-resistant fuel systems for fixed wing aircraft to reduce the risk of post-impact fire.