Operator’s roles and responsibilities of key personnel
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The operator had not formally defined the roles and responsibilities of key positions involved in monitoring and managing flight operations, such as the standards manager for each fleet and the General Manager Flying Operations (Medivac and Charter).

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Aviation: Air transport
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Pel-Air Aviation
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The ATSB is satisfied that the action undertaken satisfactorily addressed this safety issue.

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Pel-Air Aviation
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In June 2010, the operator amended its operations manual to include a description of the role and accountabilities of a standards manager. The manual stated a standards manager was:

  • accountable to the head of training and checking for the supervision of their fleet type, check pilots and supervisory pilots
  • accountable for the implementation of training and checking programs within their fleet
  • responsible for the development of operating procedures for the fleet
  • responsible for communicating front line issues to senior management.

The OM also included a list of more specific accountabilities for a standards manager.