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Investigation title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Report release
Derailment and collision between coal trains Ravenan (25km from Muswellbrook), New South Wales, on 26 September 2018 RO-2018-017 Final
Safeworking irregularity involving Track Work Authority, at Blackheath, New South Wales, on 2 September 2018 RO-2018-016 Final
Non-operation of level crossing protection at Colac, Victoria on 22 September 2018 RO-2018-015 Final
Safeworking irregularity near Lidcombe, NSW, on 3 September 2018 RO-2018-013 Discontinued
Dewirement involving freight train YC77, Cooroy, Queensland, on 18 August 2018 RO-2018-011 Final
Derailment of train 7MP7 at Coonana, Western Australia on 19 August 2018 RO-2018-012 Final
Track obstruction due to loss of freight from train 7WB3 and subsequent impact of passenger train NT32 with track obstruction near Telegraph Point, New South Wales, on 17 June 2018 RO-2018-010 Final
Derailment of freight train 6MP4 near Glenalta, South Australia on 21 April 2018 RO-2018-009 Final
Track obstruction due to loss of freight involving train 6WM2 and subsequent impact of passenger train 8615 with track obstruction, near Winton, Victoria, on 30 March 2018 RO-2018-008 Final
Collision with floodwater involving freight train 6792, Little Banyan Creek, Queensland, on 7 March 2018 RO-2018-007 Final
Collision between Pacific National train 9221 and Aurizon train 9T66 at Oonoomurra, Qld on 27 February 2018 RO-2018-006 Final
Derailment of coal train EF01, Duaringa, Queensland, on 24 January 2018 RO-2018-005 Final
Collision of Waratah passenger train A42 with buffer stop at Richmond Station, New South Wales, on 22 January 2018 RO-2018-004 Final
Loading irregularity on train 2BM9, Maitland, NSW on 16 January 2018 RO-2018-003 Final
Signal ME45 passed at danger involving suburban passenger train TP43 and near collision with another suburban passenger train, Bowen Hills, Queensland, on 10 January 2018 RO-2018-002 Final
Signals passed at danger by train 7750 at Marshall, Victoria on 2 January 2018 RO-2018-001 Final
Derailment of freight train 7MC1 at Wallan, Victoria on 4 November 2017 RO-2017-016 Final
Fractured bogie frame on coal train TM78A at Kooragang, New South Wales, on 12 December 2017 RO-2017-018 Final
Signal passed at danger by train 2552, Petrie, Queensland on 12 October 2017 RO-2017-015 Final
Derailment of acid train 9T90 near Kimburra, Queensland on 28 September 2017 RO-2017-013 Final