Occurence date:
Report release date
Investigation title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Report release
Derailment of freight train 82P7 and subsequent collision with coal train 9F02, near Marmor, Queensland, on 29 January 2023 RO-2023-001 Pending
Derailment of freight train 4PM9 at Inverleigh, Victoria on 14 November 2022 RO-2022-013 Pending
Fatality on locomotive of train 4MB9 near Cullerin, New South Wales, on 25 August 2022 RO-2022-011 Pending
Collision between Aurizon train 9M48 and Qube train 9277 at Oonoomurra, Queensland, on 17 August 2022 RO-2022-010 Pending
Level crossing collision and derailment involving grain train 68A3, near Goondiwindi, Queensland, on 9 August 2022 RO-2022-009 Discontinued
Fatality involving a track-mounted excavator, Evandale, Tasmania, on 20 July 2022 RO-2022-008 Pending
Collision between passenger train and truck at Goornong, Victoria, on 13 July 2022 RO-2022-007 Preliminary
Derailment of freight train 2BS4 near Kyogle, NSW on 31 May 2022 RO-2022-006 Pending
Exceedance of temporary speed restriction by XPT train ST21 at Moreland, Victoria on 24 May 2022 RO-2022-005 Preliminary
Derailment involving Qube freight train 5WB7 Casino, NSW, on 17 March 2022 RO-2022-004 Pending
Derailment involving freight train Y279 near Traveston, Queensland, on 23 February 2022 RO-2022-003 Interim
Derailment of freight train 6MB4, Bethungra, NSW, on 15 January 2022 RO-2022-002 Discontinued
Collision between banking locomotives and grain train 5446 near Werris Creek, NSW, on 6 January 2022 RO-2022-001 Pending
Derailment of coal train 9QJ5 near Mt Rainbow, on the Moura Line, Queensland, on 30 October 2021 RO-2021-013 Pending
Collision between passenger train C012 and a car near a level crossing, Kembla Grange, New South Wales, on 20 October 2021 RO-2021-012 Pending
Collision with infrastructure involving freight train 8796 Rockhampton, Queensland, on 17 September 2021 RO-2021-010 Final
Review of level crossing collisions involving trains and heavy road vehicles in Australia RS-2021-001 Pending
Speed restriction not applied, allowing train ST24 to overspeed, Harefield NSW, 29 June 2021 RO-2021-008 Final
Safeworking Breach of Road-Rail Vehicles Crystal Brook, South Australia, 10 June 2021. RO-2021-006 Final
Collision between a light engine and a coal train at Westwood, Queensland, on 18 June 2021 RO-2021-007 Preliminary