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Human Factors in Airline Maintenance: A Study of Incident Reports
Aircraft Maintenance Safety Survey
Survey of Australian Agricultural Aviation Accidents & Incidents 1986-1995
An Analysis of Incidents Involving Aircrew Failing to Comply with Air Traffic Clearances June to August 1996
TCAS in Australia
Regional Airlines Safety Study: Preliminary Information Paper
Reported Bird Strikes in Australia
Aviation Safety Indicators 1996
Advanced Technology Aircraft Phase Two
Human Factors in Fatal Aircraft Accidents
Flying Training in Australia
Survey of Australian Agricultural Aviation Accidents & Incidents 1985-1992
Dark Night Take-off Accidents in Australia
The Operation of Ground Proximity Warning Systems (GPWS): A Review of Warnings April - December 1994
An Investigation of Systemic Factors Underlying Air Safety Occurrences in the Brisbane Area Approach Control Centre
Violations of Controlled Airspace: A Review of Occurrences January 1991 - June 1994
Report into the Frequency of Breakdowns in Co-ordination Between Australian Air Traffic and Indonesian Services
Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance: a Preliminary Information Paper
Advanced Technology Aircraft Phase 1
Systemic investigation of air miss occurrences 1991-1992