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Investigation update published 17 December 2021

The ATSB investigation into the XPT derailment at Wallan Loop on 20 February 2020 is currently in the final stages of the evidence examination and analysis phase, and drafting of the final report has commenced. Since publication of the interim report in June 2021, the ATSB has:

  • Completed evidence examination and analysis of passenger services crew training and preparedness for a derailment event
  • Completed evidence examination and analysis of passenger safety information
  • Completed evidence examination and analysis of vehicle survivability standards relevant to this type of event, and examined similar occurrences
  • Completed evidence examination and analysis associated with rolling stock condition
  • Progressed the analysis of human factors associated with this event
  • Progressed evidence examination and analysis of the management of train operations, including altered train working, the distribution of safety critical information and risk management
  • Initiated a review of regulator interaction with operators on areas relevant to this event.

The anticipated completion date of this investigation has been revised to assure appropriate breadth and depth of analysis. It is anticipated the draft report will be provided to the Directly Involved Parties in Q2 of 2022. Following completion of this consultation process, it is anticipated the final report will be released publicly on the ATSB website in Q3 of 2022.

Safety issues identified during the course of the investigation continue to be shared with relevant parties so that appropriate and timely safety action can be taken.

The investigation is being led by Victoria’s Chief Investigator, Transport Safety (CITS), which investigates rail accidents in Victoria on behalf of the ATSB under a collaboration agreement using the powers of the Commonwealth Transport Safety Investigation Act (TSI Act) 2003. The investigation is also being supported by the ATSB and NSW’s Office of Transport Safety Investigations (OTSI).

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