Amateur-built and experimental aircraft - Part 1: A survey of owners and builders of VH- registered non-factory aircraft


Non-factory amateur-built and experimental (ABE) aircraft are a popular alternative to general aviation aircraft. In Australia, there is little comprehensive data on these aircraft and what people do when building or buying them second-hand. Key players in this part of aviation were consulted in developing a survey to better understand these aircraft builders and owners. The survey was distributed electronically and in hard copy to owners of VH-registered ABE aircraft, and about 50 per cent of active ABE aircraft owners answered the survey. It focussed on choice of aircraft, construction and modifications, test flights, transition training, and maintenance. It provides a valuable reference point for aircraft operators, those considering ABE aircraft, aviation regulators, and aircraft associations. In developing a more comprehensive understanding of this sector of aviation, relevant parties are in a better position to plan, build and operate ABE aircraft in the future.

Type: Research and Analysis Report
Author(s): Stanton, D.R. Taylor, R.P.
Publication date: 26 June 2009
Publication number: AR-2007-043
Last update 07 April 2014
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