This report presents a tool for representing and analysing
recorded voice data in investigations of aviation occurrences, or
other transport occurrences. The report is one part of a research
consultancy project conducted by the author for the Australian
Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB). The two project outcomes are the
result of around one month's full-time activity, conducted over
March to June 2006.

The overall aim of the project is to explore the potential value
of an established sociological academic research methodology,
called conversation analysis (often CA), for representing
and analysing recorded voice data for investigations of aviation or
other transport occurrences. The project can expand the level of
understanding that investigators can obtain from a voice recording
as part of an investigation. Conversation analysis may be
especially valuable for investigating transport occurrences because
it focuses on examining the details of communication in
, as it actually occurs in real time.

The project has two parts. The first part is a series of sample
transcriptions and analyses of recorded voice data from five
occurrences previously investigated by the ATSB or BASI. The second
part is this report, and is a tool for using conversation analysis
to inform and guide analysis of recorded voice data in

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Dr Maurice Nevile, PhD
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