Helicopter Operations Safety Bulletin


industry. This follows an external review of the Bureau undertaken in 1999. The review contained a number of recommendations, from which the production of this bulletin has emerged. The bulletin will be published twice yearly. From time to time additional bulletins will be published in response to
requests for information on specific subjects from the industry. If a particular problem becomes evident from the ATSB's monitoring of trends in various areas, this too will be included in the bulletin.

The bulletin is composed of 6 parts. These parts are:

  • Current accident and incident trends covering the helicopter industry. Also trends in various areas will be presented.
  • Selected occurrence reports from the Bureau's database that involve helicopter operations.
  • Safety Recommendations that are likely to either directly or indirectly affect helicopter operations and the background behind the recommendation.
  • A summary of CAIR reports.
  • Selected overseas occurrences that have either a safety message or are of interest to the helicopter industry.
  • Information about the ATSB website and other activities that the Bureau is undertaking that are of interest to the helicopter industry.
Type: Research and Analysis Report
Publication date: 21 February 2000
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Last update 03 March 2016
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