Proactively Monitoring Airline Safety Performance: INDICATE (Identifying Needed Defences in the Civil Aviation Transport Environment)


There is increasing recognition that methods which proactively monitor airline safety may be useful in preventing air safety occurrences. Proactive rather than reactive safety programs are particularly important, considering the high social and economic costs of airline accidents to the community. However, in the aviation industry, there are currently few formal proactive safety management systems in use, and none that reliably demonstrate the desirable goal of improving safety performance. This paper outlines a new proactive safety method for the airline industry, called INDICATE (Identifying Needed Defences In the Civil Aviation Transport Environment).

INDICATE is an airline self-management safety tool which encourages regular passenger transport operators to critically evaluate and continually improve the strength of their safety system. INDICATE also provides a formal communication channel for airline operators to regularly identify and report current weaknesses in aviation regulations, policies and standards to the Bureau of Air Safety Investigation (BASI), before they result in an accident. A major Australian regional airline is currently trialling INDICATE, so that an evaluation of its effectiveness and application to the wider aviation industry can be established. Preliminary results from this trial are presented.

Type: Research and Analysis Report
Publication date: 1 June 1999
Last update 05 May 2016
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