Aviation Safety Indicators 1996


In December 1995, the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Transport, Communications and Infrastructure (HORSCOTCI) published its "Plane Safe" report, an inquiry into safety in the general aviation and commuter sectors of the aviation industry. Recommendation (e) of the report was that:

"the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the Bureau of Air Safety Investigation prepare and publish safety indicators;"

In response to that recommendation this report has been produced jointly by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), the Bureau of Air Safety Investigation (BASI) and the Department of Transport and Regional Development.

The report presents a series of indicators which provide a broad view of the national aviation system and its operation. The indicators show trends in Australian aviation activity, in industry performance, in the number and rate of aviation accidents, and in the number of three significant types of incidents.

While some of the information contained in this document has been published previously, this is the first occasion on which such a wide range of aviation data has been compiled by these three organisations.

Type: Research and Analysis Report
Publication date: 21 September 1996
ISSN: 1328-9497
Last update 07 April 2014
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