The Operation of Ground Proximity Warning Systems (GPWS): A Review of Warnings April - December 1994


The objective of the project is to analyse GPWS warnings in Australia with a view to addressing ICAO steps (e) Investigation of GPWS warnings and (f) Reduction of unwanted warnings, of the circular AN11/1.1.1993/61.

CFIT accidents are the most severe aircraft accidents. These kinds of accidents occur when an otherwise airworthy airplane is inadvertently flown into the ground or water. The number of fatalities per accident is extremely high as compared to any other type of accident. They also generally result in complete destruction of the airplane. If CFIT accidents were to be completely prevented, approximately half of the worldwide fatalities in aircraft accidents would also be prevented. CFIT accidents have a high leverage for safety improvement.

Type: Research and Analysis Report
Author(s): ATSB
Publication date: 15 April 1995
ISBN: 0 642 22589 3
Related: Airspace
Last update 07 April 2014
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