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Occurence ID Title Occurrence date Report release date
AB-2018-023 Objects falling from aircraft involving Zenith Zodiac 601, 16 km E of Temora Airport, NSW, on 15 February 2018
AB-2018-014 Cabin injuries involving Airbus A330-202, Sydney, NSW, on 1 February 2018
AB-2018-026 Passenger cabin smoke event involving a Boeing 737, Melbourne Airport, Vic., on 5 March 2018
AB-2018-015 Hard Landing involving Aeroprakt 22LS, Townsville Airport, Qld, on 4 February 2018
AB-2018-020 Engine failure and collision with terrain involving de Havilland DHC-1, Luskintyre, NSW, on 13 February 2018
AB-2018-005 Collision with terrain involving Vans Aircraft, RV-7A, Atherton Airport, Qld, on 15 January 2018
AB-2018-011 Propeller malfunction involving DJI Matrice 600, Byron Bay, NSW, on 20 January 2018
AB-2018-021 VFR into IMC involving Piper, PA-28R, near Sunshine Coast Airport, Qld, on 22 February 2018
AB-2018-004 In-flight engine fire involving Fairchild Industries SA227-DC, Ballina, NSW, on 7 January 2018
AB-2018-010 Separation issue involving Aero Commander 500-U and Mooney Aircraft Corp M20J, 28 km SSW of Bourke, NSW, on 18 January 2018
AB-2018-022 Cabin fire involving Airbus A320-232, abeam Cooma, NSW, on 18 February 2018
AB-2018-018 Collision with terrain involving Robinson R22, Bankstown Airport, NSW, on 11 February 2018
AB-2018-009 Cabin depressurisation involving Hawker Beechcraft Corporation B200, 73 km SE of Wangaratta Airport, Vic., on 17 January 2018
AB-2018-019 Collision with terrain involving American Champion Aircraft, 7GCBC, Orange Airport, NSW, on 10 February 2018
AB-2018-008 Objects falling from aircraft involving Aerospatiale Industries AS.350BA, Gold Coast, Qld, on 1 February 2018
AB-2018-002 Separation issue involving Aerospatiale AS350, and Robinson R66, 22 km SW of Aldinga (ALA), SA, on 7 January 2018
AB-2018-001 Collision with terrain involving Robinson R22 helicopter, 38 km SW of Tindal Airport, NT, on 4 January 2018
AB-2018-003 Engine Failure involving Cessna 152, Lake Walyungup, WA, on 7 January 2018