Applications are now open for the next Graduate Certificate in Transport Safety Investigation intake, the award-winning qualification for transport accident investigation developed in partnership by RMIT University and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

RMIT University delivers the Graduate Certificate to both transport industry professionals and the ATSB’s own transport safety investigators.

“The Graduate Certificate program is ideal for professionals in transport safety-related roles who aspire to gain theory-based knowledge and skills to perform accident investigations in the aviation, rail and marine sectors,” said ATSB Chief Operating Officer Colin McNamara.

“The course is also the cornerstone of the training we provide to all newly-recruited ATSB transport safety investigators.”

“The Graduate Certificate in Transport Safety Investigation arose from a joint vision between RMIT University and the ATSB, Mr McNamara noted.

“That’s why we were thrilled to see RMIT University’s development and implementation of the course recently recognised with Aviation/Aerospace Australia’s Outstanding Leadership in Training award, right as we’re opening our next intake for July 2022.”

Courses in the program are offered intensively in one-week blocks, to help provide a better articulation between participants’ working and academic commitments. The program can be completed over a six month period and the courses can be attended in person at RMIT City campus (Melbourne) and/or on-line.

“The ATSB provides advice on the development of the program structure and the course material, and a significant number of topics are delivered by ATSB subject matter experts with in-depth industry experience,” Mr McNamara said.

“The ATSB and RMIT collaboration ensures the course is industry-relevant and work-integrated.”

Mr McNamara noted RMIT University and ATSB are also developing a Graduate Diploma in Transport Safety Investigation, to extend and deepen the knowledge and skills for this highly specialised profession.

Find out more about the program, and apply for the July 2022 intake, on RMIT’s website

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