Occurrence date
Title Investigation number Occurrence date Report status Anticipated completion
Assistance to the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia in the examination of components from a fatal accident involving a weightshift microlight on 3 March 2021 AE-2021-012 Final
Flight below minimum altitude involving Beech Aircraft Corp 95-B55, registration VH-ALR, near Parafield Aerodrome, South Australia, on 12 August 2022 AO-2022-039 Pending
Fuel starvation event involving Cessna 310, VH-JQK, near Sunshine Coast Airport, Queensland, on 18 August 2022 AO-2022-040 Pending
Collision with terrain involving Cessna R182 aircraft, registration VH-EHM, about 12 nautical miles from Amberley Airport, Queensland, on 29 August 2022 AO-2022-041 Pending
Engine failure or malfunction involving a Robinson R22 Beta, registered VH-NKV that occurred 90 km north-east of Karumba, Queensland on 6 August 2022 AO-2022-038 Pending
Mid-air collision between hot air balloons registered VH-FSR and VH-OOP near Alice Springs Airport, Northern Territory on 18 July 2022 AO-2022-037 Pending
Control issues involving Bell Helicopter 505, registration VH-VTB at Double Island, Queensland on 15 July 2022 AO-2022-036 Pending
Low fuel event involving Boeing 737-838, VH-VZO, abeam Wave Rock, Western Australia on 18 July 2022 AO-2022-035 Pending
In-flight break-up involving a Bell 206L-1 LongRanger, registered VH-ZMF, near Maroota, NSW, on 9 July 2022 AO-2022-034 Pending
Unreliable airspeed and altitude indications involving Boeing 737-476SF, ZK-TLJ, about 167 km west of Meekatharra Airport, Western Australia, on 10 June 2022 AO-2022-033 Pending
Runway excursion involving a De Havilland Canada DHC-8, registration VH-QQB, at Chinchilla Airport, Queensland, on 23 May 2022 AO-2022-031 Pending
Flight preparation event involving Airbus A350-941, 9V-SHH, Brisbane Airport, Queensland, on 27 May 2022 AO-2022-032 Preliminary
Engine failure or malfunction involving Robinson Helicopter R44, registration VH-KOV near Nathan River Station, NT on 16 May 2022 AO-2022-030 Pending
Accredited Representative to the NTSB - Engine power loss and collision with terrain involving a Arion Lightning LS-1, registered N6688S, at Johnson County Airport, Tennessee, United States on 7 April 2022 AA-2022-001 Pending
In-flight propeller loss involving Jabiru J120-C, registration 23-1531 at Devonport Airport, Tasmania on 16 January 2022 AO-2022-013 Pending
Collision with terrain involving Kubicek Balloons BB78Z, VH-RJR, Elwood, Victoria on 20 April 2022 AO-2022-028 Pending
Flight control event involving Boeing 737-800, registration VH-YFZ, at Gold Coast Airport, Queensland on 27 April 2022 AO-2022-029 Pending
In-flight fire and collision with terrain involving Beechcraft B58 Baron, VH-NPT near East Kimberley Regional Airport, Kununurra, Western Australia on 16 April 2022 AO-2022-026 Preliminary
Collision with terrain involving Cessna 172, VH-REU, at Coonabarabran Aerodrome, New South Wales, 18 April 2022 AO-2022-027 Pending
Engine failure or malfunction involving De Havilland Canada DHC-2/A1, registration VH-AAX at overhead Moruya Airport, NSW on 4 April 2022 AO-2022-025 Pending