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30 October 2020 FOI 20-21(2) Copies of any communication, reports, records, handwritten notes, and photographs in relation to an aircraft incident involving a Evektor Sportstar at a Vineyard adjacent to David Street, Renmark, South Australia on 16 November 2019. FOI 20-21(2) documents Partial
20 November 2020 FOI 20-21(9) Any non-restricted information in relation to an accident involving Robinson R44 Raven 1, VH-NBY, 3km north of Broome Airport, Western Australia on 4 July 2020 in the ATSB possession up to 19 October 2020 (ATSB Investigation AO-2020-033). FOI 20-21(9) documents Partial
3 March 2021 FOI 20-21(10) A report submitted to the ATSB by the Peninsula Aero Club (Ltd) in relation to an incident involving a light aircraft at the Tyabb Authorised Landing Ground (sometimes known as Tyabb Airfield or Tyabb Airport), Tyabb, Victoria on 25 November 2020. FOI 20-21(10) documents Partial
15 March 2021 FOI 20-21(11) Copies of all non-restricted information in relation to an accident involving a Robinson R44 Raven I, Serial No. 2544, Registration No. VH-NBY, in Broome, Western Australia on 4  July 2020 (ATSB investigation AO-2020-033).


Request has been processed based on documents in ATSB possession up to 1 March 2021.

FOI 20-21(11)

documents 1 to 44

documents 45 to 47

8 April 2021 FOI 20-21(14) 1) All documents held by the ATSB relating to the investigation into a plane crash at Batchelor Airport on 29 February 2020. 2) Copies of any correspondence, reports, records, handwritten notes and photographs in relation to the subject incident. FOI 20-21(14) documents Partial
15 June 2021 FOI 20-21(18) Any non-restricted information in relation to the engine failure on a Scoot Tigerair flight from Singapore to Perth on 11 October 2018 involving a Boeing 787, 9V-OJE in the ATSB's possession up to 10 March 2021, including but not limited to information held in relation to any submissions made to the ATSB under section 26 of the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003. FOI 20-21(18) documents Partial
2 September 2021 FOI 20-21(19) Non-restricted documents in relation to a rail incident near Hawkesbury Rail Bank on 8 January 2021. FOI 20-21(19) documents Partial