The location of sanding nozzles
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The location of sanding nozzles (for braking) behind the wheels of the lead bogie was inconsistent with design practice existing at the time of the collision and was probably a recurring factor in diminished sander effectiveness on VLocity trains.

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Closed – Adequately addressed
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Rail: Passenger - regional
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The ATSB is satisfied that the action taken by V/Line has reduced the risk of this safety issue.

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V/Line has advised that sanders have been installed, and are operational, on the intermediate (TM) cars of all VLocity three-car sets (Figure 32). In braking and powering, the TM car sanders discharge sand in front of the wheel-rail contact point (in the direction of travel). V/Line advised that when braking with the DM car leading, sand is discharged from units DM11 and TM12. When braking with the DMD car leading, sand is discharged from units DMD11 andTM11

Figure 32: Updated sander configuration with sanders added to intermediate (TM) car

Train diagram and positioning of sand nozzles

In this figure, powered bogies are shown shaded brown.

Source: CITS, based on information supplied by V/Line